Evolutionary AI

Ken Scent has his own vision on the development and use of artificial intelligence, not only from an ethical point of view, but also from an evolutionary point of view for humanity.
Hence the presentation of a manifesto of Evolutionary AI according to Ken Scent.


Concerns about the irresponsible use of artificial intelligence technologies today lead governments, organizations, and people from all over the world to question what levels of awareness should be and what international standards should be to ensure that artificial intelligences are developed and used exclusively for good.
After all, it is known that every technology can be used both for positive purposes and to cause damage, therefore, where possible, it is better to prevent undesirable effects.
Artificial intelligence can also have an impact on the level of consciousness and spiritual evolution of individuals and of the entire human species.
We believe that this aspect represents the most important and impactful change that artificial intelligence technologies can produce.
Artificial intelligence can help humanity to carry out a development of individual and collective consciousness, and a spiritual evolution, as has never been possible until now.
Ken Scent believes that this possibility should be cultivated and preserved, and isolated from purely economic interests that could distort its purpose.
Man must always remain central to his own existence and evolution, and the ultimate purpose of machines must be the spiritual improvement of man.
Ken Scent wants to represent the guarantee that there will always be an artificial intelligence polarized towards a positive human evolution, through beneficial actions without contraindications.