How it works

Ken Scent professionals respond to your requests in CHAT or via video conference SESSIONS.
Your requests must concern the areas of intervention treated by Ken Scent, which can be consulted on this page.

The CHAT is designed to offer you ongoing support and guidance, via web or via APP for smartphones and tablets.
Video conference SESSIONS allow you to obtain in-depth support, access psychological care, set paths and objectives to be achieved, and develop activities and projects.

The CHAT and the video conference SESSIONS are two independent services, however the chat subscription allows you to obtain a discount on the price of the sessions, as long as it is active.

CHAT with professionals

To get support exactly when you need it.

A single chat for all your requests.

 A team of professionals at your disposal.

Stop it in any moment.

SESSIONS with professionals

To get support in the most complete way.

A professional for you in videoconferencing.

The first cognitive session is free.

Stop it in any moment.

Ken Scent selects the best professionals available using a matching algorithm, to always provide you with excellent service.