Ken Scent


Ken Scent Spa is a company with a social objective that deals with solutions and services for personal improvement.

Our team is made up of IT experts with specific skills in artificial intelligence technologies, as well as a network of professionals specialized in decision consultancy including coaches and psychologists.

These skills are applied, through Ken Scent’s IT platform, to provide people with services, tools, paths, and resources to improve the quality of their lives. As well as to make them more selfless, increase the degree of cooperation, and make them aspire to a happier life.

The same solution, aimed at workers, is useful for companies to become more competitive, increase the serenity of the work environment, attract and retain talent, reduce conflicts between collaborators, prevent occupational diseases, improve customer relations, give a more positive image of the company to all stakeholders.


The world can improve only if people start improving themselves.

Improving the lives of individuals is the only effective way to optimize cooperation between workers, avoid conflicts, and maximize the productivity and competitiveness of companies.

Information technologies and in particular artificial intelligence are tools capable of effectively supporting personal improvement, as well as making life more comfortable.

They will be more and more in the future.

Artificial intelligence must always remain at the service of man, not only from a technical and ethical point of view, but also from an evolutionary point of view for the human species.


We develop increasingly advanced artificial intelligence technologies, at the service of people, and free from conditioning.

We develop applications that use artificial intelligence for decision consulting and personal growth. As well as for the promotion of altruism and cooperation between people.

We contribute to the prevention and resolution of social problems including racism, bullying, loss of civic sense, violence, and in particular with respect to violence towards women.