The first free videoconference meeting is scheduled as soon as possible according to your needs. Typically within one business day.

Subsequently, if you purchase the chat support service, your questions will be answered very quickly.

If you request a session with a professional, the time depends on your availability and that of the professionals.

The online sessions have a fixed duration of 50 minutes. The number of sessions cannot be predicted and depends on your needs or the goals you intend to achieve.

Ken Scent Chat connects you to hand-picked professionals who can respond to your inquiries. Your requests may range in different areas including:






•             MOTIVATIONAL


•             CAREER


•             INFORMATICS




The chat allows you to communicate quickly with professionals, according to your needs, and to receive their assistance comfortably and wherever you are.

The plurality of disciplines covered, the speed of response, and the competence of the professionals make this tool a powerful ally for personal growth and the resolution of personal problems.

The chat support service comes with a subscription plan. On this page you can consult the available subscription plans.

Would you like to know more? book a free videoconferencing meeting to find out more about how the chat assistance service works and how it can be useful to you.

Based on your request, Ken Scent selects the best professional who will take care of your case through a proprietary methodology, present in the software platform.

Choosing the most suitable professional for your request is essential to be able to give you an excellent service and help you achieve the best results.

If you think you want to change the professional who follows you, no problem, our Contact Center will immediately refer you to a new professional.

Professionals are selected by Ken Scent through rigorous criteria, but first of all they must share and respect the same founding values of Ken Scent.

Ken Scent monitors the quality of the services offered through user feedback and continuous review of the requirements and morals of the chosen professionals.

Get started now, book a free videoconferencing meeting.

It's simple to get started: book a free videoconferencing meeting

You will be assisted immediately, and everything will be explained to you before starting.

Then, only if you want, you can continue and purchase chat assistance services or sessions with professionals selected by Ken Scent.

Ken Scent offers you two types of services:

A) chat assistance with professionals

B) the booking of videoconference sessions with professionals.

Chat assistance allows you to have a first orientation on all the disciplines covered by Ken Scent, quickly and effectively just as much as you need. While the sessions with professionals are dedicated to specific topics such as psychotherapy, coaching, training, or advice on topics that require a direct confrontation with the professional.