Increase competitiveness

Maximize productivity and wellbeing

Improve the productivity and well-being of collaborators, and introduce real innovation into your organization.

Conflicts, Burnout, Absenteeism, Lack of motivation, Lack of effectiveness at work, Unhappy climate, Anxiety, are just some of the problems that can affect the work performance of your organization’s collaborators.

And this can derive both from problems at work and in the personal sphere. However, always reflected in work performance.

Take your team to the next level

Ken Scent offers a unique tool of its kind. A digital assistant via chat, with artificial intelligence features, which connects users with expert professionals in the field of coaching, psychology and psychotherapy, decision-making consultancy, professional consultancy.

To use the service, users access the Ken Scent smartphone APP or via the website.

The service allows users to receive assistance via chat from Ken Scent professionals, and to book meetings with professionals in videoconference for specific needs.

Ken Scent optimizes employee performance in your organization by putting people at the center.

Ken Scent works directly with individuals in prevention, helping them solve their personal problems and helping them in their work, at the exact moment it is needed.

Ken Scent also organizes coordinated individual and group mentoring courses, and has expert consultants for specific business needs in the most topical areas such as Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, IT Security, Software Development, Marketing, Legal, Intellectual Property , Management Control, and Fiscal Optimization.

Benefits for your organization

  • Makes your organization more competitive
  • Helps increase worker productivity
  • Improve the organization atmosphere
  • Increase talent retention
  • Promotes inclusion and tolerance
  • Reduces absences due to illness caused by the work environment
  • Helps promote a positive and winning culture inside and outside the organization

For your organization, the combination of these benefits has an important economic and image value.

Organization reporting

In Ken Scent’s platform, statistics are available regarding the general use of the service by your collaborators. The data is considered only in aggregate form. Thus preserving the maximum confidentiality of each user.

Your orgaization can verify how much and how the Ken Scent service is used overall by your collaborators, in what way, and with what degree of satisfaction.

Your organization cannot in any way access information and communications relating to individual users, nor to information relating to their profiles on the Ken Scent platform.


People are the real engine of growth and success of any organization.

Ken Scent strengthens the bond between organizations and their collaborators, because it offers a service with high technological value and high economic yield, which is perceived with satisfaction by both.

Collaborators are thus more oriented to the changes imposed by new technologies in your organization because they can accept and ride them with the right vision and the right tools.

The Ken Scent service can be provided to collaborators as a benefit, depending on the welfare policies that your organization intends to apply.

Ken Scent supports your organizations in identifying the best options and facilitations for the adoption of the service.