Lawyer: What it is and what it does

The lawyer is a professional who offers legal assistance and representation to clients in legal matters. His activity concerns the application of the law, the resolution of disputes and the protection of the rights of his clients.

To become a lawyer, it is necessary to follow a training course which includes the attainment of a law degree and enrollment in the Bar Association of one’s jurisdiction.

The lawyer can perform multiple activities depending on the needs of his clients. In particular, he deals with legal consultancy, legal assistance, drafting of deeds and contracts, stipulation of out-of-court agreements, arbitration and negotiations.

Legal consultancy concerns the analysis and interpretation of the legal rules applicable to certain cases, providing the client with indications and advice to protect their rights and interests. The lawyer can then advise on how to deal with certain situations, such as drafting a contract, initiating a legal procedure or adopting a certain legal strategy.

Assistance in court is one of the most important activities of the lawyer, who represents his client in court or in other judicial venues. The lawyer draws up the procedural documents, such as for example the summons, the defense in court or the request for an appeal, and takes care of the presentation of the same before the judge.

The drafting of deeds and contracts is another important activity of the lawyer, who is responsible for preparing legal documents such as sales, lease, company contracts and more. The lawyer carries out this activity on behalf of his clients, guaranteeing the correct drafting of the documents and the protection of his rights.

The lawyer can also deal with the stipulation of extrajudicial agreements, arbitrations and negotiations, i.e. agreements between parties that do not require the intervention of a judge or a court. In this case, the lawyer acts as a mediator between the parties and takes care of drafting the agreements, ensuring the correct application of the law and the protection of the rights of the parties involved.

The lawyer may specialize in certain areas of law, such as labor law, commercial law, criminal law, tax law and others. In this way, the lawyer can offer his clients highly specialized advice aimed at specific needs.

The lawyer is a professional who is responsible for providing legal assistance to his clients in all phases of managing legal matters.